Taipei Ximending Shopping District in New Year 2020

 Taipei Ximending Shopping District in New Year 2020 | How's Corona Virus Affect Taiwan? 新年里的台北西门町. Walking Ximending in 10 minutes! 

Taipei Street Tour During Coronavirus Outbreak |Night Market

We recently visited Taipei during the coronavirus outbreak, and it happend to be the Chinese New Year holiday, which Taiwan people also celebrate. For the first time, we paid a visit to the famous Ningxia Night Market for some street food. I didn't expect it to be busy because 1) it's new year holiday when lots of business were shut down 2) the virus outbreak in mainland might have an negative impact.  However, I was totolly wrong!  

Pike Place Market Walk-Around Tour | First Starbucks Seattle

It's my second time visiting the Pike Place market in Seattle. This spot is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in this city! Street parking is usually not easy to find but there are garage options that range from $4 to $6 per hour. I was lucky to find a street parking close to the market and started walking towards the famous market. I first past by the very first starbucks on the left side, which is also one of the most popular tourism spots in the city.  

Bellagio Resort & Casino Inside Walk-Around Tour

 Recently I visited Las Vegas and stayed at Bellagio Resort & Casino, one of the most iconic hotels on the strip! The hotel had very beautiful holiday decors with Christmas accent in every corner. I took a walk inside of the resort and recorded it with my iPhone7 including shopping area, casino floor and the hotel room section (at the end of the clip). I apologize for the unsteady footage as the camera was hand-held without using any video stabilizer. 

Why I Love Airline Miles & Credit Card Points / Top 3 Reason

In this video, I am sharing with you why I love about airline miles and creidt card points. To me they are a very versatile form of digital currancy that can give you great values in many occasions. In today's video, I listed THREE advantages for booking with miles.   Almost every airline now offers a frequent flyer program, in which you can earn and accrue miles for flying with the subject airline as well as its partner airlines. 

How to Fly Business Class from LA to Paris for $5.60!

We recently flew to Paris from Los Angeles in Air Tahini Nui Business Class and it was such a wonderful experience. In this video, I am showing you step by step how I did it.  

What does it feel like to make the first ever Youtube video!

I have long been a youtube fan and I'd always love to browse around interesting videos whenever I have free time. Today, I finally decided to activate my own youtube channel and make my first ever youtube video! I thought it's such an easy process until I started talking to the camera...  

Top 3 Reasons I Love about Living in San Diego, California

I have been living in San Diego California for the last 5 years and I would like to share with you the top 3 reasons I love about it! I have enjoyed the perfect weather, laid back environment and diverse culture that this beautiful city has to offer. It is certainly one of my favorite cities to reside in the entire world!